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Kiwi Pedophile Released From Davao Jail With No Charges

7 Nov 2012

Kiwi national in rape, trafficking raps released from prison

Updated 8 Nov 


David William Wakefield (pictured), under arrest in Davao, his lawyers are reported to have offered victim's families "inducements" 


Due to a technicality, the New Zealand national arrested for rape and child trafficking charges, was released from prison in Davao City, a police official said, although the offenses are supposed to non-bailable.

Senior Inspector Araceli Yaun, head of the Women and Children’s Protection Desk (WCPD) of the San Pedro Police Station in Davao City, said the prosecution has given David William Wakefield 10 days to submit a counter affidavit.

Wakefield, 50, was charged with statutory rape, child abuse, and trafficking in person. He was arrested last October 25 by joint operatives of the Kidapawan City Police, Davao City Police’s WCPD, and staff from Kidapawan's City Social Welfare and Development Office.

Gabriela-Cotabato chair Ruby Padilla-Sison has called on women activists and advocates for child’s protection ‘to join forces together’ in urging the national government to issue a hold departure order against a Kiwi national released from prison despite the charges filed against him by two of his alleged victims.


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Ruby Padilla-Sison is heavily critical of the decision to release the pedophile David Williams without charge 

“We can conduct meta-legal measures, say, hold a rally outside the airports, to urge the government to hold the foreigner responsible for the crimes he committed against the Filipinos, much more against two defenseless children,” said Sison.

On Monday, David William Wakefield, 50, a Kiwi national arrested in Davao City on October 25 for statutory rape, child trafficking, and violation of Anti-Child Abuse Act, was released from prison due to a technicality, according to Sr. Insp. Araceli Yaun, head of the Women and Children’s Protection Desk of the San Pedro Police Station of the Davao City Police Office.

An emergency travel document issued by New Zealand officials in Singapore on the 19th October this year to David Wakfield 

Wakefield, after his arrest, was immediately placed under inquest proceedings. The Kiwi national, Yaun said, was given by the prosecution 10 days to submit a counter-affidavit. The charges filed against him were considered non-bailable, yet, due to a technicality, the foreigner was given a temporary liberty.

Authorities used as the basis in their complaints the testimony of two girls, aged 11 and 13 and both residents of North Cotabato, who, according to their complaints, were recruited by two women in Kidapawan City’s public market and were brought to Wakefield’s hotel room in Davao City where they were molested.


The Hotel Galleria on Gov Duterte Street in Davao where Wakefield was arrested 

Also, after the police raided Wakefield's room, they found several pieces of evidence, including a digital camera and laptop with nude photos of girls and children.

"This caused an outrage, especially to advocates for women and children's rights protection. As a woman and as a mother, I can't accept such a decision by the Prosecution. Therein lies the problem," said Sison.

Sison was told there were pressures from top local officials to free Wakefield.

"This case should be investigated through a legislative inquiry. We want those who co-opted for Wakefield's release from prison should be held responsible - from the executives down to the law enforcers," said the Gabriela-Cotabato chair.

Sison is also seeing a ‘double standard' of justice system in Wakefield's case.

"This is a case filed by the Peoples of the Philippines against a New Zealand national.  

We expect the prosecution, local courts, and law enforcement to be serious in making a foreigner responsible for the crimes he committed against the Filipino people. Yet, what happened to his case?" asked Sison.

Wakefield was arrested inside his hotel room in Davao City by operatives of the Kidapawan City PNP led by its chief, Supt. Renante Cabico, WCPD of the Davao City PNP, and staff from Kidapawan City Social Welfare and Development Office.

They used as guides in locating Wakefield two children, both sidewalk vendors in the city's public market who alleged they were recruited by two women and brought to Wakefield where they were raped.

Despite the documents, however, the prosecution found some "technical problems" in the complaints filed against the foreigner.

Yaun, in an interview over Catholic-run dxND radio station in Kidapawan City, has expressed fears that with Wakefield's release, the suspect might again victimize girls and children.

There is yet no hold departure order for Wakefield, Yaun said.

Wakefield, reports said, is a holder of two passports: one from New Zealand and another from United Kingdom.

Balita Pinoy had previously reported that New Zealad Kiwi national has figured in several child molestation cases in countries where he stayed, including Australia.

Wakefield also has a British passport, and was working in Mozambique as a contractor to a client of a South African company involved in the oil industry. 

Superintendent Renante Cabico, city police director, said Wakefield visited the country three times this year.

A source also said that lawyers of Wakefield met last week the victims and their families despite orders from the prosecution not to allow the meeting.

During the meeting, lawyers allegedly offered the victims and their families a considerable cash sum, and free education to the two children so to convince them to execute affidavits of desistance.

Nobody from the CSWD and the police would confirm such a meeting took place.

By Malu Cadelina Manar 

Original story on David Wakefield's Davao arrest 

Kiwi Child Rape Suspect In Davao May Be British  

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string him up sison

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