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Kiwi Child Rape Suspect In Davao May Be British

29 Oct 2012

UPDATED - 30 October 2012

New Zealander from Timaru held in Philippines on child rape charges alleged to hold British passport as well (confirmed)

David William Wakefield

The New Zealand pedophile, David William Wakefield, who was arrested in a joint Davao/Kidapawan police operation last week may be holding a British passport as well.

Information has come to light that suggests he has dual New Zealand/UK citizenship, and is not a stranger to Britain, with indications he may be, or have previously been employed, by companies based in Aberdeen, Britain's oil capital in Scotland. 

His arrest in a Davao, Philippines hotel on suspicion of the rape of 2 female minors has now sparked a flurry of interest in PHL, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Claims he works for a South African company, MECS, and is based in Mozambique are only adding to the convoluted trail he has left around the globe.


1. The British Foreign Office (FCO) confirmed at lunchtime today that Wakefield is a dual passport holder.

This confirms suspicions that he has been using both New Zealand and British passports to conceal the extent of his travels around South East Asia. An FCO spokeswoman went on the record only briefly to state:

"We are aware of the arrest of a British national in the Philippines, we stand ready to provide consular assistance if needed".

2. Micromega of Johannesburg in South Africa, who are the parent company of MECS Africa, have told Balita Pinoy that Wakefield is a contractor to a client of MECS based in Mozambique and not an employee of MECS Africa. A spokeswoman for the company confirmed the client is in the petro-chemical field but declined to name them. She added:

"David William Wakefield is an independent contractor to MECS Africa. He is not an employee of the company. MECS Africa does not take responsibility for the alleged actions of a personal nature pertaining to an independent contractor that provides services to our company and our clients. As such, the claims that David Wakefield is a MECS employee (as published on your website) is incorrect, and we respectfully request that you amend your article accordingly."


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There is also a trail that centers around Singapore as well as Indonesia and Thailand. 

Wakefield left his wife and 3 children in Australia in 1998 after his step-daughter complained to her mother that he had been molesting her during 1996 and 1997.

He remarried and settled in Timaru, New Zealand. In 2008 he was arrested by New Zealand Police for extradition to Australia to face charges relating to the abuse of his step-daughter. The charges were representative.

He pleaded guilty as he had admitted the fact in emails to the girl’s mother. When Wakefield was released on bail he returned home and wiped the hard drive of his computer, later sending the computer to his parents.

Before he could wipe the hard drive it was viewed and found to contain images of naked underage girls and emails to females in Asia including the Philippines.

One of the females in the Philippines was named Faith Xylem Marzanta.

In one of these emails David Wakefield requests an 8 year old girl to be supplied together with sleeping pills. There is a corresponding Western Union Money transfer to Faith Xylem Marzanta.

There were also many emails to a woman named Rose in Indonesia and it was clear from the emails that he regularly sent her money and gifts.

While on bail in New Zealand for these Australian charges it is believed he travelled to Asia via Singapore for a short period of time, 3 or 4 days. He said he was going to a town in the North Island of New Zealand to visit friends but we were able to trace his movements as far as Singapore.

Photos of 2 teenage girls (possibly not under age) were found on the computer after this trip. The photos were explicit and taken in what appears to be a hotel room.

The NZ police where given a copy of the hard drive but took no action after inspecting it.

Wakefield was then sentenced to 4 years jail which he served only 16 months in Brisbane, Australia.

He was released and immediately re-arrested by Australian Federal Police outside the prison and taken to Darwin in Australia's Northern Territories.

Charges were for the online grooming of his birth daughter which happened in 2007 after he had re-established contact with his family.

Details of these offences are in the Darwin Supreme Courts sentencing notes by the judge. (Link below)

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 19 months, but with time already served he was released in February 2012 and returned to New Zealand. Part of the release conditions were that he sign a good behaviour bond, which if breached would see him returned to prison to serve the remainder of his sentence.

He appears to have dual-citizenship with the United Kingdom and renewed his UK passport in 2012 so he was able to travel again without his criminal convictions being listed against his name.

It is not known if his UK passport does have his convictions listed on it.

The police statement that he has been in the Philippines 3 times may only be related to his new UK passport. He was able to keep the convictions for his work colleagues and employers and was apparently re- employed in the oil industry and left New Zealand in July or August 2012.

An email sent by Wakefield in August was traced to originate from a Rignet server in Aberdeen, Scotland. Rignet provides IT services to the oil industry. His claim that he works for a labour recruitment company in South Africa/Mozambique could be false as he has no experience in labour hire.

It is known he has 20 years experience as a material supervisor in the oil industry.

He would typically do a 6 to 8 week contract then return home for 4 to 6 weeks so would be overseas 3 to 4 times per year.

In the past he has earned contract payments of NZD $50,000 so if he has been re-employed as a materials supervisor he may have substantial funds for him to attempt to pay bribes to get him out of the current charges in the Philippines.


Sentencing notes and judge's comments from 2007 Darwin case here (PDF)    

Original story on David Wakefield's Davao arrest 

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