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Home Office win Appeal Court fight over minimum income rules

4,000 applications on hold set to be refused 

The British Home Office has welcomed a Court of Appeal judgement, upholding the lawfulness of the income threshold under the new family migration rules

The Home Office has won its case over the minimum income rules for bringing a relative into the UK

Last Friday's judgement (reproduced in full bellow) by Lord Justice Maurice Kay, Lord Justice Aikens and Lord Justice Treacy deals a final blow to hopes of having the £18,600 limit set aside.


Home Office guidance on latest suspensions of colleges & universities from sponsorship register

Home Office immigration action against education institutions 

In the wake of the news that exploded about 3 British universities and several colleges losing their ability to sponsor students from outside the European Union, the Home Office has published an explanatory document which Balita Pinoy has re-published below along with the 57 colleges blacklisted 


Court of Appeal Judgement: Family EV (Philippines) and others

The full judgement in the case of the Philippine family from Kent denied leave to remain in the UK

Appeal Court Judges Lord Justice Lewison, Lord Justice Jackson and Lord Justice Christopher Clarke have just released their judgement in the case of the Filipino family denied leave to remain in the UK; the hearing was held on the 7th May 2014   

Below is the complete judgement in the Court of Appeal case of EV and her family from the Philippnes who were finally denied the right to remain in Britain.


British Minister under fire as immigration speech torn to shreds

LSBF say minister was misleading parliament in speech

College calls in heavyweight educational expert to advise 

Blood flows along campus corridors 

Home Office hits back - states there was widespread fraud & other failings at LSBF

Universities attacked in speech respond, top London School of Business & Finance (LSBF), Glyndwr University and bottom left University of West London along with the University of Bedford have had their sponsorship status revoked or suspended - the LSBF have effectively retorted by saying Minister Brokenshire either lied or misled parliament in his speech  

James Brokenshire, British Minister for Immigration & Security, launched a withering attack on several universities, along with 48,000 suspected student visa fraudsters, in a strongly worded speech to parliament. 

However one of his targets, the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), have issued a detailed statement essentially saying that Mr Brokenshire was misleading parliament in his speech. 


Canadian Government welcomes Royal Assent of Bill C-24

The government celebrates the passage of reforms to the Citizenship Act

"Our government expects new Canadians to take part in the democratic life, economic potential and the rich cultural traditions of Canada" said Chris Alexander

Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced today that reforms to the Citizenship Act received final passage and Royal Assent. The reforms will strengthen the rules around access to citizenship to ensure that new citizens are better prepared for full participation and integration into Canadian society, with the goal of fostering in new Canadians a stronger attachment to Canadian values and traditions.

Concept Care gets official appointment as UK recruiter of nurses

Concept Care Solutions has been appointed onto the LPP 'Lot 5 Framework' suppliers list to recruit international nurses for NHS Trusts in England

Concept Care Solutions now appointed an official recruiter of nursing staff for the British NHS. Photo credit: Salim Fadhley 

Marketing Manager Charles Kelly was delighted with the new contract and congratulated the team for all their hard work during the tendering process: "This is fantastic news! Well done to all the staff at Concept Care Solutions for their outstanding work in winning another tender to supply international nurses to the NHS.


Applications for the 2014 Citizenship and Integration Grant Program Due by May 16 

On April 1, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) began accepting applications for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 Citizenship and Integration Grant Program, a competitive grant opportunity for public or non-profit organizations which promotes immigrant civic integration and prepares permanent residents for citizenship.

Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. EDT on May 16, 2014.


Home Office approves UK visa for Jamaican kidney donor - eventually

Cynthia Barker writes...Good morning from a cloudy Monday in London 

The Home Office finally approved a UK visa application for Keiha Rusthton, the Jamaican Sister of Oliver Cameron, who is suffering from Kidney failure in Britain and will die unless he is matched with a Kidney Donor.

Oliver Cameron, from Stoke Newington in north-east London, has to undergo dialysis...


Home Office screws up computer control system

Home Office Blows £500 Million On 'e borders' System That Can't Control Immigration Or Visa Overstayers 

Lovely, shiny, state of the art immigration control gates at Heathrow airport. Just one small problem, the expensive computer system to count people in and out is as useful as a chocolate wok 

Cynthia Barker writes...Wow! The Home Office has blown £500m on...


Canada Offering "Express Entry" to Qualified Economic Immigrants

Actively Recruiting Talented Newcomers For the Benefit of Canada's Economy 

Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has announced that Canada's active recruitment model for economic immigration will officially be called "Express Entry." Set to launch in January 2015, "Express Entry" is a major step forward in the transformation of Canada's immigration system into one that is fast, flexible...


Record number of Pinoys go to Canada

Welcoming a record number of visitors from the Philippines in 2013

Filipinos are discovering that not everybdy lives in igloos in Canada. Photo credit: Alpo Hassinen 

Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced that Canada issued more than 47,000 visitor visas to Filipino visitors in 2013.

This figure represents a record high for the Philippines and a 57...


Internal Home Office document reveals staff procedures for removing people from the UK

11 Apr 2014

Staff document reveals instructions for deportations from Britain 

An internally circulated Home Office document has come into the possession of Balita Pinoy detailing staff instructions for the removal of people from Britain.

Although without any heading that it is Secret, Confidential or Restricted and is on the British government's own website, it is clearly not meant for public consumption.


UK Immigration News: Home Office failing to remove people from the UK efficiently

30 Mar 2014

Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration says Home Office not removing a number of foreign nationals with no right to stay in the UK despite securing travel documents 

The Home Office was working well with some foreign embassies to obtain travel documents to remove those who have no right to stay in the UK. However, in many cases it was failing to remove people even with the required documents.


UK Immigration News: Enforcement teams abusing warrantless arrests says inspector

30 Mar 2014

Home Ofice Immigration Enforcement Officers searched premises without the required justification in nearly two-thirds of cases says Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration 

Immigration enforcement officers had been granted the power to enter business premises without a search warrant in nearly two-thirds of cases (59%) despite not providing the required justification.


Getting married to a British citizen

Marriage to a UK Citizen,_kyoto_credit_hideyuki_kamon_336.jpg 

Getting married to British person can entitle people to live in the UK 

Author: Louise Smith, barrister 

Marrying a UK citizen will generally entitle a foreign national to live and work in the UK. However, this entitlement is not automatic and there is certainly no immediate entitlement to citizenship for a foreign spouse.


Pinoy family lose Court of Appeal fight to stay in Britain

Filipino family's lost appeal brings to light 2 important factors

Public services for non-legal stayers in UK severely curtailed

Article 8 appeals virtually finished

Appeal Court Justices at the High Court in London reject Filipino family's last ditch attempt to stay in the UK 

A Filipino family have lost their fight in Britain's Court of Appeal to stay in the UK with indefinite leave to remain as Lord Justice Lewison, Lord Justice Jackson and Lord Justice Christopher Clarke rejected the family's claim that their 3 children would have a better education here rather than in the Philippines.

Lord Justice Lewison stated that Britain cannot educate the world.


US Immigration News: CNMI transitional program extension

USCIS Provides Guidance Regarding CW-1 Extension 

Department of Labor Extends CNMI-Only Transitional Worker Program to Dec. 31, 2019

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is providing guidance regarding the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)'s announcement extending the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)-Only Transitional Worker (CW-1) program for five years. The extension, published in today's Federal Register, extends the CW-1 program until Dec. 31, 2019. This extension will allow CNMI businesses to continue to hire CW-1 workers to meet their current and future need for foreign workers.


D'Souza issued forged Home Office letters to Filipino victims

Juliette D'Souza presented her Filipino immigration victims with fake letters from the Borders Agency to keep them quiet

Juliette D'Souza may have started her 10 jail sentence for the faith healing scam but now Pinoy victims of her immigration fraud want justice as well  

Juliette D'Souza carried out a heartless deception on many Filipinos by pretending that she was either the Number 2 in the Home Office, knew the No 2 in the Home Office or was an immigration lawer.


UK Care Worker News: New care certificate for care workers by 2015

British Government bringing in new qualifications for care workers in the wake of scandals involving nurses & carers bad treatment of patients

Cynthia Barker 

Cynthia Barker writes...The British government are introducing a new care qualification, the Care Certificate, to improve standards and training in the industry.

The Care Certificate training will start in March 2015 in England for care...


Educational Testing Service lose Home Office contract for English language tests

Education giant ETS loses British contract for language tests over fraud allegations 

Educational Testing Service (ETS) is no longer providing TOEIC and TOEFL tests for people using them in support of UK immigration applications because of allegations of fraud made in a BBC documentary.

Following allegations in a BBC programme in February this year that fraudulent measures were adopted...



Important US Immigration News

USCIS Will Accept Only the Current Version of Form N-400 Beginning May 5

Beginning May 5, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will accept only the current edition of Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, dated 9/13/2013. USCIS will reject and return all naturalization applications using previous versions of Form N-400 after Sunday, May 4, 2014. 

[Full Details]

Philippine Embassy warns anew against internet recruitment scams

The Philippine Embassy in London reiterates its previous warning to both Filipino jobseekers and Philippine recruitment agencies against fraudulent internet recruitment offers that promise fictitious jobs in the UK

The Embassy warning is quite stark, the main thrust is NEVER send money for a job offer through Western Union 

The Embassy has been receiving reports from Filipino jobseekers who...


Canadian's preparing for the launch of "Express Entry" immigration changes

New caps for Federal Skilled Worker and Federal Skilled Trades Programs, and Canadian Experience Class

Ottawa - Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander today announced new measures in key economic immigration programs to prepare for next year's launch of Express Entry, Canada's new active recruitment model. Express Entry will lead to a faster and more flexible economic immigration system...


New Zealand's scandal of exploiting foreign fishermen to end

Global unions applaud NZ ‘slave ships' progress

Exploitation of Filipino fishermen on "foreign" vessels in New Zealand waters should end with new laws 

Global unions the ITF (International Transport Workers' Federation) and IUF (International Union of Food, Agricultural and Hospitality Workers) today applauded the steps forward made in preventing often shocking abuse of crews on fishing vessels in New...


Premium processing for H-1B US visas

On April 28, 2014, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will begin premium processing for H-1B petitions subject to the fiscal year 2015 cap, including H-1B petitions seeking an exemption from the fiscal year cap for individuals who have earned a U.S. master's degree or higher. USCIS first announced that we would begin premium processing for H-1B cap cases no...


Aussie hardline leaves asylum seekers filling Indon immigration camps

Since Ausralia started to shift asylum seekers to camps in Papua New Guinea, Indonesian immigration detention facilities are filling up 

The detention centre in Makassar on Indonesia's Sulawesi Island, was holding 25 unaccompanied minors in one room when IRIN visited © Kristy Siegfried/IRIN


Saleem Ali* was just 13 when his mother decided that paying strangers to smuggle him...


Mass raid leaves 3 restaurants empty of staff

9 Apr 2014

Sixteen illegal workers have been caught following a series of coordinated operations by Home Office Immigration Enforcement in Chippenham, Pewsey and Trowbridge in the county of Wiltshire.

Officers simultaneously visited three restaurants, all called the ‘Tale of Spice', at 7.40pm on Friday 4 April, acting on intelligence that they were employing staff with no right to work in the UK.


Report exposes abuse of UK's domestic "slaves"

30 Mar 2014

UK: Migrant Domestic Workers Face Serious Abuse

UK Government Should Abolish ‘Tied Visa' to Protect Workers, Prevent Forced Labor 

The controversial British visa which ties domestic workers in Britain to one employer, effectively making them slaves: videos are included in the report 


Migrant domestic workers accompanying their employers to the United Kingdom are being subjected to serious abuses including forced labor, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The UK government is doing far too little to protect vulnerable workers, and recent changes to UK immigration rules make it harder for workers to flee abuse, the report found.


Concept Care get Level 3 Immigration Advice status

22 Mar 2014

Concept Care Immigration Advice Team upgraded to Level 3 Status By OISC Regulator

Concept Care Solutions Immigration department has been an upgraded to Level 3 status by UK regulator OISC, the company has announced today.

The OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) approved the company to offer immigration advice at level 3, the highest level.








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