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Internal Home Office document reveals staff procedures for removing people from the UK

11 Apr 2014

Staff document reveals instructions for deportations from Britain 

An internally circulated Home Office document has come into the possession of Balita Pinoy detailing staff instructions for the removal of people from Britain.

Although without any heading that it is Secret, Confidential or Restricted and is on the British government's own website, it is clearly not meant for public consumption.


UK Immigration News: Home Office failing to remove people from the UK efficiently

30 Mar 2014

Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration says Home Office not removing a number of foreign nationals with no right to stay in the UK despite securing travel documents 

The Home Office was working well with some foreign embassies to obtain travel documents to remove those who have no right to stay in the UK. However, in many cases it was failing to remove people even with the required documents.


UK Immigration News: Enforcement teams abusing warrantless arrests says inspector

30 Mar 2014

Home Ofice Immigration Enforcement Officers searched premises without the required justification in nearly two-thirds of cases says Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration 

Immigration enforcement officers had been granted the power to enter business premises without a search warrant in nearly two-thirds of cases (59%) despite not providing the required justification.


Clothes factory faces £300K fine after major tax & immigration raid nets 30 illegals

21 Mar 2014

Savannah Rags in Mansfield had 30 of its workers arrested after a Home Office raid looking for illegal workers

Tax officials also involved in raid to check the books 

Savannah Rags has lost a big chunk of its workforce after a major raid by immigration & Tax enforcement officers 

Thirty immigration offenders have been arrested after a Home Office operation targeting illegal working at a clothes recycling factory in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire in an intelligence led operation. Immigration Enforcement officers, supported by officers from HMRC, visited Savanna Rags International Ltd, Forest Road, at about 10am on 19 March.


Care agency bosses charged with immigration & conspiracy counts

19 Mar 2014

Two Filipino staff already convicted and have gone back to PHL 

UK Care Agency Staff Charged With Immigration Offences Following Home Office Raid And Tragic Death Of A Pensioner 

Two staff members of a Sutton care agency have been charged with immigration and conspiracy offences after a raid last year by Police and Home Office UK border officers.


Canadian's stepping up immigration recruitment

19 Mar 2014

Federal, Provincial and Territorial Governments working together to meet Canada's labour needs through active immigrant recruitment

Ottawa - Federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) immigration ministers today reiterated their commitment to actively recruit economic immigrants that have the skills the Canadian economy needs most.


Top immigration judge ousted in scandal with female illegal migrant living at his home

11 Mar 2014

"Soft On Visa Overstayers" tribunal judge "Retires" after living with a Nigerian illegal immigrant

The Lord Chancellor (left), MP Chris Grayling, the British government's top law official and the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Thomas, who is head of the judiciary issued Judge Richard McKee a formal reprimand last year but he ignored it and was "retired" from his position as...a top immigration tribunal judge last month. Crown Copyright   

An apparently ‘soft on visa overstayers' senior Immigration Tribunal Judge has been forced to step down from the bench after it was revealed that he was living with an overstaying illegal immigrant from Nigeria


Immigrant makes the big time with massive sale of company

Ukrainian immigrant sells his WhatsApp company to Facebook for $19bn


The American dream became a reality for Ukrainian immigrant Jan Koum who sold his start-up company, WhatsApp, to Facebook for $19bn. Mr Koum migrated to the US with his mother in 1993 after leaving Ukraine to escape anti-Semitism.

When the penniless immigrants arrived in California in 1993, they were...


Immigration demo at High Court over minimum salary base

Demonstration to be held Tues 4 Mar over government appeal

Be at the High Court in London's Strand if you can 

The High Court ruled last July that the family migration rules which require a person to earn a minimum of £18,600 before being allowed to sponsor their partner to join them in the UK, were in their...


Visas to the UK from Dublin to cost more as service is outsourced

UK Visa changes for applications from the Republic of Ireland

The British Embassy in Dublin's visa service is now outsourced 

From 19th March 2014 the British Embasy in Dublin is handing over to their commercial partner Teleperformance Ltd which will take over the running of the Visa Application Centre in Dublin. The Visa Application Centre will move.


Doom for illegal immigrants in Britain's NHS

24 Feb 2014

Roll-out of passport scanners means instant checks on employees & applicants for employment in the National Health Service

Guys Hospital: A Home Office Immigration Visa Enforcement team raid at one of London's biggest hospitals has shown that new electronic methods are exposing illegal immigrants instantly. Photo credit: Nigel Chadwick

A raid on illegal immigrants working in the British National Health Service at London's Guys Hospital has revealed that checks by passport scanners on employees is growing in usage.


Pinay care worker in desperate battle to stay in UK with husband

More than 400 people have signed a petition backing Norfolk couple Arlene and Stephen Watty in their struggle against deportation

Stephen and Arlene Watty of Hemsby are facing an immigration battle after the Home Office claimed they do not earn enough for Arlene to stay in this country. The couple pictured on their wedding day in 2012. Photo courtesy Lauren Rogers/Archant 

The following is reprinted with the kind permission of the Norwich Evening News 

By Lauren Rogers 

Forty-five-year-old Arlene, who works full time at a care home in Hemsby, Norfolk just north of Great Yarmouth, moved to the UK from the Philippines in 2009.

She arrived on a student visa, studying health and social care, and a year later fell in love with a neighbour, Stephen, and the couple married in 2012. 


British Immigration Minister quits over employing illegal immigrant

Mark Harper resigns after it was discovered he had employed a South American cleaner illegally

Mark Harper and his notorious vans; the now ex-Immigration Minister portrayed himself as a hardliner on illegal migrants until it was revealed he employed one himself 

The hardline British Immigration Minister Mark Harper no longer has a government post after he was sensationally forced to resign as it transpired he hypocritially pursued a policy of "Do as I say, not as I do".


UKVI support for firms wishing to employ foreign workers

British support service for SMEs extended

The UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) service for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) who need to recruit skilled overseas workers has been extended.


Ontario Language Training Certificates now accepted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Providing more options for citizenship applicants from Ontario

Centre Block on Parliament Hill, the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Rideau Canal and Château Laurier. Photo montage by Urban Nerd

As of January 30, 2014, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will accept certificates from individuals who complete Ontario's provincial language training program as proof of language ability for the purpose of applying for citizenship, Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced today. The acceptance of this language training program will facilitate access to citizenship for Ontario applicants.


USCIS introduces Form I-910 and centralizes the Civil Surgeon application process

Physicians seeking civil surgeon designation will need to complete Form I-910  

Changes made to receive and adjudicate applications for civil surgeon designation centrally at the National Benefits Center

Starting on March 11, 2014, the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) will implement a new process to receive and adjudicate applications for civil surgeon designation centrally at the National Benefits Center. This process change requires physicians seeking civil surgeon designation to file a formal application at a USCIS Lockbox. Centralizing the civil surgeon application process will:

Information sought on visa agent

Juliette Darcy D'Souza

Have you paid money to this woman, either directly, or via other agents, for visas to enter and remain in the United Kingdom?


Immigration News: Recent updates from the International Law Office

22 Jan 2014 

Top left clockwise: Lawyers Ara Samuelian, Henry J Chang, Nicolas Rollason and Ilda De Sousa - some of the contributors to the International Law Office articles

Switzerland - Quotas to remain steady in 2014

United Kingdom - Visa and passport developments promote easier entry into United Kingdom

Canada - Start-Up Visa Programme to include business incubator stream

United Kingdom - New UK investor visa launched - but it's not run by the United Kingdom

Brazil - Avoiding disappointment: obtaining temporary work visas for dependants

United Kingdom - Home Office rolls out further visa application improvements

USA - US consulates reportedly denying H-1B petitions for improper wage level selection

Colombia - Decree-law eases work visa requirements

Switzerland - New expectations for documents required to enter Schengen Area

Turkey - Visa, residence permit and work permit procedures   

[More & Full Details]

Against the exclusion of Adult Dependent Relatives in the UK

22 Jan 2014

Meetings to be held around the UK for consultations on the restrictions

Legal Campaigning organisation the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) is working to change the restrictive rules on the Adult Dependent Relative category of the immigration rules. Since July 2012 rules introduced by Theresa May, Home Secretary, have made it virtually impossible for elderly parents or other family members of British citizens or settled people to join their families in the UK.


US Immigration News: Changes to temporary job visas program

20 Jan 2014

USCIS & Dept of Homeland Security make alterations to temporary job visas  
Changes made to the US H-2A & H-2B visa programs

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have announced the Department of Homeland Security, in consultation with the Department of State, has added Austria, Italy, Panama, and Thailand to the list of countries (including the Philippines) whose nationals are eligible to participate in the H-2A and H-2B Visa programs for the coming year.


Britain's Home Office makes it easier for North Koreans to enter the UK

19 Jan 2014

North Koreans will find it less difficult to enter Britain as UK Visas & Immigration ease rules
Some of the sights North Koreans will leave behind if they go to Beijing in order to get a visa to travel to the UK. Description & Photo credits: Pyongyang western view (John Pavelka), Juche Tower (DeansFA), Kumsusan Memorial Palace, Pyongyang (Mark Scott Johnson), PyongYang-Arch of Triumph (Gilad.rom), Arch of Reunification. (Kok Leng Yeo), Tomb of King Tongmyong, Pyongyang (Kok Leng Yeo), Pyongyang Metro (Kristoferb) 

It will be with a sigh of relief that North Koreans will be digesting the news from Britain that they no longer have to visit Manila in the Philippines first in order to get a visa to enter the UK.



Cynthia Barker moves to head Concept Care's Immigration Department

9 Jan 2014

New Year, New Changes to UK's immigration business

Cynthia Barker has moved a few miles down the road to head up Concept's immigration department 

Concept Care of North London headhunt experienced immigration advisor as part of a major expansion initiative

In one of the major shifts in London's (and the UK's) growing immigration advice industry is the revelation that Concept Care Solutions of Edgware in North London have snapped up Filipino born Cynthia Barker.


Mass raid leaves 3 restaurants empty of staff

9 Apr 2014

Sixteen illegal workers have been caught following a series of coordinated operations by Home Office Immigration Enforcement in Chippenham, Pewsey and Trowbridge in the county of Wiltshire.

Officers simultaneously visited three restaurants, all called the ‘Tale of Spice', at 7.40pm on Friday 4 April, acting on intelligence that they were employing staff with no right to work in the UK.


Report exposes abuse of UK's domestic "slaves"

30 Mar 2014

UK: Migrant Domestic Workers Face Serious Abuse

UK Government Should Abolish ‘Tied Visa' to Protect Workers, Prevent Forced Labor 

The controversial British visa which ties domestic workers in Britain to one employer, effectively making them slaves: videos are included in the report 


Migrant domestic workers accompanying their employers to the United Kingdom are being subjected to serious abuses including forced labor, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The UK government is doing far too little to protect vulnerable workers, and recent changes to UK immigration rules make it harder for workers to flee abuse, the report found.


Concept Care get Level 3 Immigration Advice status

22 Mar 2014

Concept Care Immigration Advice Team upgraded to Level 3 Status By OISC Regulator

Concept Care Solutions Immigration department has been an upgraded to Level 3 status by UK regulator OISC, the company has announced today.

The OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) approved the company to offer immigration advice at level 3, the highest level.


Canadians chasing British & Irish tradesmen to alleviate their skill shortages

15 Mar 2014

Project will help clear the way for skilled British and Irish tradespeople to work in Canada

A new international study that will help British and Irish trained tradespeople assess their skills against Canadian criteria is being supported by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Employment and Social Development Minister Jason Kenney was on hand in London, England, to witness the signing of the agreement to pave the way for ease of skill recognition.


Don't Become a Victim of Immigration Fraud

14 Mar 2014 

Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander (pictured above) today encouraged potential newcomers to use authorized immigration representatives to avoid becoming victims of fraud.

March is Fraud Prevention Month and this year Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has partnered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and the Federation of Law Societies of Canada (FLSC) to promote awareness.


Indian food workers "curried" away after raid by UK Visas Enforcement Team

11 Mar 2014

Bombay Mix company busted a second time in immigration raid 

Indian food packager UK Snacks Ltd continued to employ illegal immigrants after first Home Office Visa raid netted 12 last October, latest arrests of 9 leave bosses with a £60,000 headache and less staffers

Indian food firm gets raided twice in 5 months with a total of 21 immigration arrests made  

The firm that boasts it brought the Indian snack "Bombay Mix" to the UK has suffered a second immigration raid in 5 months.


Cheating immigration adviser jailed

7 Mar 2014

Jail For Fake Immigration Adviser 

A bogus immigration adviser, who conned victims who wanted to remain in the UK legally out of thousands of pounds, has been jailed for 10 months at Harrow Crown Court.

Conman Amit Banerjee operated his illegal immigration advice service from a private house in Wembley, charging vulnerable migrants who needed legal status to stay in the UK.


Judge tells British husband to use controversial "back-door" to get around immigration law

7 Mar 2014

Home Office Minimum Income Immigration Rules Tearing Families Apart 

In yet another story of families being torn apart by tough minimum income immigration rules, the BBC reports that the Home Office has told a former Royal Navy police officer that his American wife cannot join him in Britain because he does not earn the required amount for her to join him.


UK Immigration Bill gets British housing landlords worried

23 Feb 2014

Landlords Beware Of New Immigration Checks While UK Immigration Minister Resigns After Employing Illegal Immigrant In His Own Home 

By Cynthia Barker, Chief Immigration Adviser at Concept Care Solutions

As the Immigration Bill makes its way through the British Parliament, while the UK Immigration Minister resigns after it was revealed that he had employed a cleaner illegally, the National Landlords Association have voiced their concerns and worries.


Bad news for British Passport holders abroad

British citizens in Philippines will lose a lot of services from the embassy


A brand new embassy in Manila also means loss of historic consular services to British & British Commonwealth citizens

A circular from the British Foreign Office in London has dropped a minor bombshell for those used to a whole raft of consular services; a lot of legal and notarial services go out of the window probably as part of the government-wide cutbacks as a result of the financial crisis.



UK Student Visa Scandal

SCREENSHOT FROM BBC WEBSITE: Secret filming by the BBC has exposed an extensive level of corporate cheating to get around strict British rules on the granting of student visas

BBC "Panorama" program to expose massive fraud in English language testing

English langauge tests faked

"Show money" fraud in bank statements showing students have adequate funds to pay for their time at British colleges


UK Visas & Immigration announce price hikes for applications

New Year, New Price Rises For British Visas

Mark Harper MP

Mark Harper, Minister for Immigration has announced price rises for most visa applications 

The British government has announced proposals to change the fees charged for visas, immigration and nationality applications and associated premium services.

If Parliament approves the changes the new fees will apply from 6 April 2014. Some fees for premium services overseas will apply from 31 March 2014.

The proposals increase most fees by 4 percent, including the short-term visit visa. Other targeted increases are being proposed supposedly so they can limit wider general increases. 


Rich Chinese flocking to Britain with the investor visas

Wealthy Chinese investors driving increase in 'investor visas' issued by UK, says expert 

In the South East corner of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in West London stands the Great Pagoda (by Sir William Chambers), erected in 1762

Chinese investors now make up the largest group of wealthy individuals that successfully apply for an 'investor visa', allowing them to live in UK while investing into UK companies, according to new figures, writes


Immigration News: Recent updates from the International Law Office 29 Jan 2014

Latest legal news on global immigration matters 

Judges at the International Court of Justice at the Hague 

USA - Short-term placement of H-1B workers and when to amend H-1B petitions

Portugal - Golden Residence Permit attracts foreign investors

Canada - CIC announces changes to Canadian Experience Class

Turkey - Visa, residence permit and work permit procedures

Switzerland - New expectations for documents required to enter Schengen Area


UK Embassy Outreach: Liverpool cancelled, moved to Manchester

26 Jan 2014

The Philippine Embasy's outreach to Liverpool has been cancelled and moved to take place in Manchester 15th February 

A press release from the Philippine embassy in London has stated that the planned outreach in Liverpool has been cancelled and the location has been moved to Manchester.


UK Immigration curbs are "Ridiculous" says Goldman Sachs chief

24 Jan 2014

Peter Sutherland, the respected Irish businessman who is chairman of banking giant Goldman Sachs Int is well known for his strongly held views that migration is a "crucial dynamic for economic growth" . Photo credit: Christof Sonderegger/WEF 

Peter Sutherland, Goldman Sachs International Chairman has waded into the immigration debate saying that UK restrictions on international migration are "ridiculous" when employers are struggling to find skilled workers to fill British job vacancies.

"It is ridiculous to stop migration when the demographic profile of so many countries demands it," including the U.K., he said after a panel discussion on Friday Jan 24th at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.  


UK Immigration News: Cash for visas, UKIP's growing popularity & Romanian's being targeted for deportation

20 Jan 2014

UK Visas for Cash for Wealthy Immigrants 

Ban immigrant benefits for 5 years says UKIP leader

Romanian immigrants to be deported by Home Office Border Force    
Got money, Get a British visa; new rules make it easier for those with money to invest and stay in the UK


NHS back on the recruitment trail searching for nurses

19 Jan 2014

Non-EU and Filipino Nurses Still Needed to Avoid NHS Staffing Crisis    
Britain's National Health Hospitals & Trusts have realized the are severely short of nurses, and are having to go back on the recruitment trail to fill vacancies

UK Immigration from countries outside the European Union, such as the Philippines, has been slashed by the Home Office in the last few years.  

Post Study Work Visas, Work Permits, Tier 4 Student Visas and even family migration have been made more difficult or abolished by a barrage of negative changes to the British Immigration Rules. 



Scandal of deaths at British Immigration Detention facility exposed

19 Jan 2014

Harmondsworth Immigration Detainee Died In Handcuffs

Harmondsworth immigration removal centre, the centre is managed by the GEO Group Limited on behalf of the UK Border Agency. Photo credit: UKBA 

A Canadian immigration detainee, aged 84, who was suffering from dementia and declared unfit for detention, died in handcuffs, the BBC reports.

HMIP inspectors described the cases as "shocking", and said there was a "lost sense of humanity" at the immigration centre - effectively a holding or centre run on prison lines by private contractors for the Home Office.


Santa Claus gets a Canadian E Passport

Canadian Immigration Minister Chris Alexander with Santa and Mrs. Claus and their new passportsNorth Pole, Canada

Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander today presented Santa and Mrs. Claus with the 2,999,999th and 3,000,000th ePassports at a special ceremony in Vaughan, Ontario.

Santa and Mrs. Claus live in North Pole, Canada, with their many helpers. Like so many Canadian citizens who enjoy extensive travel around the world, the Claus' were thrilled to receive their ePassports.








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