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Macaraeg & Canal Trial Date Set

23 Jan 2013

Judge Anne Molyneux set the trial date for Macaraeg & Canal at Isleworth Crown Court. Image Crown Copyright republished under Open Government Licence 

The trial date for the charges against Ressie Reyes Macaraeg and Gladys Canal was set yesterday by a judge sitting at Isleworth Crown Court in west London.

At the Plea and Case Management hearing,  the judge set the date for 8th July 2013, with a slot allowed of three weeks for the trial. There is to be a pre-trial review on 6th June to ensure all the relevant paperwork is in order.

Yesterdays hearing lasted only 30 minutes, and heard no evidence.

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Both dependants pleaded not guilty to the charges against them. These are:

The charges they face are: 

On 25 October 2012, [A] Ressie Macaraeg (17.03.1971) [female] of West Cromwell Road, Kensington and Chelsea, SW5 was charged with:

  •  1 x conspiracy to commit fraud by false misrepresentation contrary to Section 1 of the Criminal Law Act 1977
  •  1 x transferring criminal property contrary to Section 327(1)D and 334 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
  •  1 x acquiring or having in your possession criminal property, contrary to Section 329(1) and 334 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

On 26 October 2012, [B] Gladys Canal (09.08.1969) [female] of Coleridge Way, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire was charged with:

  •  1 x conspiracy to commit fraud by false misrepresentation contrary to Section 1 of the Criminal Law Act 1977
  •  1 x transferring criminal property contrary to Section 327(1)D and 334 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

Macaraeg's charges are samples and relate to approximately £60,000 in value, while Canal's relate to a value of approximately £30,000.

The rest of the hearing was concerned with defense barristers requesting confirmation and delivery of evidence, the estimated length of the trial and details regarding witnesses.

The prosecution barrister told Judge Anne Molyneux that she estimated 10 days would be a good figure, to which Canal's defense barrister stated that this was a very optimistic time scale. He went on to state that in view of the fact that there were 11 prosecution witnesses, 3 of whom would be giving evidence via video link from the Philippines, the 10 day figure should be extended, with Macaraeg's barrister agreeing.

There was then a brief discussion about the video link evidence, and the 8 hour time difference between the UK and PHL, as that would mean with a court in the UK starting at 10am, this would be 6pm Philippine time.

The judge then added that as she had been concerned in a case with video evidence link between the UK and New Zealand (12 hours difference), this should not be a significant problem. 

Judge Molyneux took this into the equation stating it was better for the jury to be told a trial was ending earlier, rather than being placed in a position when an estimated time of a trial was to be extended, which could cause jurors distress and inconvenience.

She added it was easier for court officials to place a "floating" trial into any sudden blank court days rather than the other way round, and set the slot for three weeks.

Court offcials then informed the judge that 8th July was the earliest for a 3 week hearing.

The judge also made orders for time scales of transfer of evidence between prosecution and defense teams prior to the pre-trial review.

Bail conditions were then discussed, with the Judge Molyneux extending bail on the conditions aleady set.

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Balita Pinoy Editorial replied to chessington...

Contact us directly at: giving a contact phone number

Posted 16 Aug 2013 06:55 AM | Reply to this comment

chessington replied to Balita Pinoy Editorial...

I have been trawling the internet for any news regarding Ressie Macaraeg. Dear sirs/madams at Balita Pinoy, is there anything you could share to us people victimised by Ressie Macaraeg?

Posted 15 Aug 2013 04:48 PM | Reply to this comment

Balita Pinoy Editorial said...

No comments can be accepted, and will be deleted. This will be until the end of the trial which has already begun at Isleworth Crown Court.

Posted 11 Jul 2013 01:33 PM | Reply to this comment

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