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Warning To Those In The UK On Student Visas

7 Jan 2013

Watch out if you are offered a chance to change a "STUDENT" Visa into an "ENTREPRENEUR" Visa 

We have been getting reports that some kababayans, as well as students of other nationalities, who are on student visas in the UK are being offered the chance to apply for Entrepreneur visas. This is especially attractive to those students whose visa is shortly to expire.

This type of visa (Entrepreneur) requires the applicant to have £50,000 to invest in a business in the UK. It is a good visa to have if you genuinely have access to £50,000, because it could lead to settlement in the UK.


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What apparently has been happening is that the students are invited to a workshop where everything is explained, they are then encouraged to pay the organisers £7,000-8,000, and the organisers would then promise to find an investor to give the student £50,000 (or presumably some sort of show money) to run a business.


The question has to be this: does this really make sense? Who in the world would give you £50,000 after you give them £8,000?

If you have been offered this type of arrangement, and you wish to let us know, click the blue link:

Have You Been Affected? Click Here



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Have You Been Affected? Click Here

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