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Eight Dead In Cavite Shootings

5 Jan 2013

At least eight people, have been murdered and several others hurt after a gunman went beserk in Cavite.

Investigating Police officer Arnulfo Lopez told reporters that the killings happened place on Friday when the gunman, Ronald Bae, shot neighbors in Tabon #1 village in Kawit, Cavite.

Bae was killed after he engaged in a shoot-out with police.

"He opened fire on the police. So a gun battle ensued which resulted in the death of the suspect," Lopez said.

Neighbors said the attacker had been drinking and possibly taking drugs.

It is was also reported he had fallen out with his wife.

He had lost an earlier election in local politics and had moved away, but returned to Kawit just prior to the shootings.

Rhea Alberto who was pregnant and Michaela Caimol aged 7 are reported to be victims.

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