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Macaraeg And Canal Committed For Trial

9 Nov 2012


Ressie Reyes Macaraeg and Gladys Canal were committed for trial at crown court on Friday during a short hearing at West London Magistrates Court.

The former colleagues in Ocean Care Recruitment arrived separately and did not exchange any words. When they were in the dock before the three magistrates they conspicuously sat apart. The body language said it all.

First in the court building was Canal who was on her own. Ten minutes later Macaraeg appeared accompanied by her husband.



The weather outside the court was gloomy which matched what happened inside.

The defendants were there, their lawyers were there as was the police prosecution representative. Some of the complainants were also there. Unfortunately, the court papers were not which threatened to derail the whole proceedings.

The court lists which are published daily did not appear to show a listing for the case of Metropolitan Police Service v Macareg & Canal. The enquiry office staff checking on its computer confirmed there was no listing, and stated that it would be on the 15th of this month which put all concerned into a frenzy of activity. The main problem, beside the obvious one of the delay, was concerning bail, which would mean an appearance before magistrates anyway to extend bail for the two to which they were surrendering that day.

The Crown Prosecution Service had delivered the papers to the court, but somehow Murphy's Law interceded and someone had missed the fact that the 9th was not the same as the 15th of the month.  

The next two hours meant meetings between the police, the lawyers and court officials until eventually a slot was found to squeeze the case in. What did not help was that on this Friday at the court was a mass hearing listed for about 50 people accused of dodging rail fares as well as the normal court business of minor offenses to be dealt with and committals to crown court of more serious offenses.

Eventually everyone trooped into court where confusion continued to reign. A case of non-compliance with a community service order for one defendant ahead of Macaraeg & Canal was slightly livened up when a court official on the phone trying to get a committal date was told it would be the 25th of December!

When Macaraeg & Canal entered the dock they confirmed their names, dates of birth and addresses and were then told to leave the dock by the magistrates while officials tried to get a committal date. The three magistrates left the court to decide the fate of another defendant, and the officials eventually got the desired committal date, much to the relief of all concerned, except maybe the defendants themselves.

This is to be at Isleworth Crown Court on January 22nd 2013. This will be a case management hearing at which the judge, prosecution and defense lawyers will sort out what evidence is to presented to court in the trial and the judge will set a date for the full trial hearing. This is expected to be spring or early summer of next year.

The charges they face are: 

On 25 October 2012, [A] Ressie Macaraeg (17.03.1971) [female] of West Cromwell Road, Kensington and Chelsea, SW5 was charged with:

  •  1 x conspiracy to commit fraud by false misrepresentation contrary to Section 1 of the Criminal Law Act 1977
  •  1 x transferring criminal property contrary to Section 327(1)D and 334 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
  •  1 x acquiring or having in your possession criminal property, contrary to Section 329(1) and 334 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

On 26 October 2012, [B] Gladys Canal (09.08.1969) of Coleridge Way, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire was charged with:

  •  1 x conspiracy to commit fraud by false misrepresentation contrary to Section 1 of the Criminal Law Act 1977
  •  1 x transferring criminal property contrary to Section 327(1)D and 334 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
Conditional bail was continued which includes travel restrictions and the surrender of their passports.

Ressie Reyes Macaraeg & Gladys Canal Charged 




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Balita Pinoy Editorial said...

No comments can be accepted, and will be deleted. This will be until the end of the trial which has already begun at Isleworth Crown Court.

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